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Inside November/December 2023

Supporting Your Community – Having a supportive community is a key factor for success.

Understanding & Preventing Burnout – Ongoing business challenges can create burnout for you and your employees.

Optimizing Product Mix & Profits – Knowing which products to carry will contribute greatly to your profits.

Building a Strategic Plan – Cannabis retailers don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.

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Inside September/October 2023

Social Media Marketing Guide – Review the best practices for managing social channels and creating engaging content.

Improving Store Safety – Window coverings on cannabis stores make them soft targets for robberies, endangering employees and patrons.

What to Consider Before Leaving Your Business – How can you prepare to sell your business or pass it on to the next generation?

Tactics for Educating Customers on Terpenes – Learn how to have more nuanced discussions with customers that go beyond THC and into a cultivar’s aromatic profile.

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