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Inside January/February 2023

2023 Buyers’ Guide – Suppliers dedicated to serving Canadian cannabis retailers.

Reviewing Your Competitive Landscape – Evaluate location, product mix, and marketing then develop a long-term strategy.

Maximizing Your Team’s Efficiency – Create efficiency through people policies, roles and responsibilities, goals and

Analyzing Your Financial Statements – Look at what’s involved in monthly vs. annual reviews to expose shortcomings so you can make changes.

How is the Industry Changing? See what new players are doing to ensure the Canadian cannabis industry continues to
grow and thrive.

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Inside November/December 2022

Merchandising for the Holidays
Gifts for the Cannabis Chef
Holiday Sales Trends
Make the Holidays Burn Brighter with Cannabis-Inspired Party Host Gifts

Effective Inventory Management Practices
Ensuring that the right amount of the right product is in your store.
Preventive Discipline then Progressive Discipline
Think of it as a path to teaching employees.
Retail Brand Expansion
What’s the best route to expand your brand?

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