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Inside September/October 2022

differentiate your store in a sea of sameness?

Creating a Competitive Compensation Program – Review scheduling, wages, raises, bonuses, health benefits and more.

Renegotiating Better Lease Terms – Understand your value to a landlord and
get don’t locked into aggressive leases.

Lowering Losses Due to Shrinkage – Look at the measures you should implement to prevent losses.

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Inside July/August 2022

HIRING GREAT MANAGERS The search for quality management can be tricky so follow our in-depth guide to simplify the process.

The Horton Bear Hug Canadian coffee giant’s Tim Hortons bear hugged its way to industry domination. Which cannabis company will follow their path?

Ancillary Revenue Strategies Extra income streams are always welcome so discover how to maximize sales of your ancillary products.

Customer Feedback – Customer feedback and customer data collection are key to business growth. Listen (and read) closely to turn data into dollars.

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