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Saskatchewan Selects Retailers

The operators for the province’s 51 cannabis retail store permits have now been selected.  More than two-thirds of these successful applicants are from Saskatchewan or have operations in the province.

“This represents the next step in the process of having a privately-operated cannabis retail system carefully regulated by SLGA,” Minister Responsible for SLGA Gene Makowsky said. “There was a lot of interest in the public Request for Proposal process, resulting in many new businesses that will invest in our province.”

The successful proponents were selected through a two-phase Request for Proposal (RFP) process that began in March. The first phase involved a screening for qualifications focused on financial and sales/inventory tracking systems. All those that qualified entered the second phase of the process which was a lottery draw to select the successful operators. KPMG was engaged to provide oversight and monitor the entire RFP process.

The successful proponents have 45 days to begin the permitting process. As a condition of their permit, retail cannabis permittees must be operating within 12 months of legalization. Permits will not take effect until legalization occurs.

Cannabis retail stores must be standalone operations, selling only cannabis, cannabis accessories and ancillary items as defined by SLGA.  Alcohol sales will not be permitted in cannabis stores.  Cannabis retail locations are subject to local municipal zoning bylaws.

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