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Status of BC Retail Licence Applications

Interest in BC’s cannabis retail sector is strong and applications continue to roll in. Below is a recap from the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch on the status of applications and licences as of December 11th.

  • 359 Paid Applications – Once applicants pay the $7500 fee, the application and documentation are reviewed for completeness. Note: There are an additional 384 applications that have been started in the online portal but are not yet paid.
  • 185 Application Packages Forwarded to Local Governments or Indigenous Nations – Once an application contains the required documentation and the fee has been paid, the Province forwards the application to the local government or Indigenous nation of the area where the proposed store will be located. 183 applications have been forwarded to local governments, and 2 applications have been forwarded to an Indigenous nation. Note: While a local government or Indigenous nation works on their recommendation, the Province continues to vet the application.
  • 100 Applications Forwarded to a ‘Ready’ Jurisdiction – This is the number of applications forwarded to local governments which have indicated they are ready to consider non-medical cannabis retail store applications at this time.
  • 3 Licences Issued, 1 Approved in Principle (AIP) – Once an application has passed financial integrity assessment and security screening, the Province issues Approval in Principle. A licence is issued after a successful inspection of the retail location for regulatory compliance.