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Cannabis prices increase across Canada

Cannabis prices have increased by 17% across the country according to Statistics Canada’s latest analysis.

Statistics Canada has been crowdsourcing cannabis data from Canadians on their StatsCannabis platform since 2018. Based on this data, prior to legalization, the average price per gram of dried cannabis was $6.85. Post-legalization, the average price per gram is $8.04 – a 17.3% increase.

There continues to be a significant difference in pricing between legal and black market cannabis. On average, consumers are paying 56.8% more for legal cannabis than illegal—with Statistics Canada quoting an average price of $9.99 per gram for legal cannabis versus $6.37 per gram for illegal product. Government-licensed retailers remain the most expensive place to buy cannabis at $10.37 per gram.

And while Atlantic Canadians are purchasing far more cannabis than the rest of the country, they’ve also seen the biggest price increases. Prices in New Brunswick, which were among the lowest in Canada before legalization, recorded the largest growth since October—up 30.5% per gram. British Columbians reported the lowest increase in price.

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