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AGCO Makes Reporting Easier for Retailers

They say one of the best ways to be an effective team leader is to delegate. As the industry grows, Cannabis Retail Licensees have seen mounting piles of paperwork on their desks from the monthly reports required by regulators, among other things. Acknowledging this need to delegate, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) has made some changes to make things easier on Licensees.

The AGCO is now offering the option to set up an iAGCO account (the online portal for retailers) for their specific store so that other staff, besides the Licensee, would have access for reporting purposes.

Normally, retailers have the responsibility of reporting to the Federal Government and the Ontario Cannabis Store, as well as the AGCO. Every month, retailers must share their inventory data and sales data, as well as any destroyed or recycled product. On top of that, Licensees are required to report any incidents involving the police or lost or stolen product, any changes in the store layout or the staff, and any failings in their security system.

All of these regulations are put in place for a reason, but the workload tends to stack up on business owners. This new allowance will give Licensees the opportunity to spread some of their responsibilities among their staff and hopefully provide a more efficient workplace.


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