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April Retail Sales Stay Steady

Canadian retail cannabis sales decreased slightly in April over March, when people were stocking up due to the COVID-19 crisis. April sales were just over $180 million, down 0.57% from March.

Ontario continued to lead the country’s sales at $42.8 million, but suffered a 9.6% reduction in sales as Ontario’s 53 stores were forced to close early April after having been cut from the province’s list of essential businesses. Then four days later they were temporarily allowed to offer curbside pick-up and delivery and that was extended throughout April.

Alberta remained in second place at $42.2 million and showed a 4.7% increase in retail sales. As of April 30th, Alberta still had the highest number of stores with 451 shops in operation.

Quebec’s sales grew 9% to $41 million, yet they opened no new stores in April.

Sales in British Columbia decreased slightly to $23.6 million despite 15 new stores opening. Although cannabis stores were considered an essential service in BC and the province allowed online ordering, payment still had to made in-store.

Manitoba showed a decrease of 9.3% recording $6.3 million, which is that province’s lowest figure for sales per month since November 2019.

Saskatchewan sales rose 5.6% to $9.3 million with one new store opening in April.

New Brunswick’s sales also increased 9.5% to $5.5 million, yet Nova Scotia’s sales decreased 15.3% to $5.6 million as their store hours were reduced in April.

Newfoundland and Labrador also experienced a large decrease of 20.5% to $2.5 million, which is the lowest number that province has seen since before July 2019.

PEI’s stores were closed in April, yet they still recorded sales of $435,000.

April 2020 Retail Trade Sales x 1,000

Canada                 $180,150

Ontario                 $ 42,767

Alberta                 $ 42,222

Quebec                $ 41,045

BC                         $ 23,645

Saskatchewan    $ 9,305

Manitoba              $ 6,269

Nova Scotia          $ 5,597

New Brunswick   $ 5,497

Nfld & Lab             $ 2,522

Yukon                    $ 521

PEI                         $ 435

NWT                      $ 325

Source: Statistics Canada




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