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BC’s cannabis stores can offer product reservations online

Amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic, the BC government is amending regulations to help private cannabis stores reach their customers.

Effective March 20, cannabis retail stores can now offer non-medical cannabis product reservations to customers online or over the phone. The reserved products must still be picked up and paid for in the cannabis store. Licensees can continue to sell cannabis accessories and gift cards online.

Prior to this change, there was no policy on product reservations. In BC, only government cannabis stores are permitted to sell non-medical cannabis online. This policy has not changed.

The new policy is intended to support the non-medical cannabis industry and promote social distancing guidelines–2 metre physical buffer between people– ordered by the provincial health officer.

On March 17, BC declared a state of emergency over the coronavirus pandemic. Most retail stores, bars and restaurants, and other establishments have since closed but cannabis retail stores remain open.


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