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Brink’s – From Seed to Sale

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Your Complete Provider for Secure Transportation, Secure Logistics and Cash Management Services

The legalization of cannabis sales in Canada in 2018 fostered an inevitable boom of innovation, with businesses from all sectors enthusiastically filling roles, offering solutions, and laying claim to an ever-growing world of opportunity. It is a once-in-a-lifetime moment in history, and it is remarkable to bear witness to it. When an industry is still in its infancy, there is no telling what needs might arise, but what is even more fascinating is to see who is stepping up to the plate to meet the new challenges that await.

Brita Lerohl, VP of Strategy and Marketing at Brink’s Canada

There is no company more recognized than Brink’s for secure transportation, with their iconic image of an armoured truck. What is not as recognized is the growing scope of what Brink’s offers, particularly to the cannabis industry. “We are so much broader than just that truck,” says Brita Lerohl, VP of Strategy and Marketing at Brink’s Canada, and she’s not exaggerating. Brink’s has developed a highly customizable system of services and solutions for cannabis companies all the way from seed to sale, and they don’t stop there. Unique to Brink’s is a highly digitized cash retrieval service called Brink’s Complete that puts cash in your hands quickly and securely. “From a working capital perspective, nobody else can do that,” notes Lerohl.

Leaders in Transportation

For Brink’s, transportation goes beyond getting something from point A to point B. Understanding your customer’s needs and becoming proficient in the logistics of their business is key to becoming a leader in the industry, and Brink’s does this very well.

To many, that iconic armoured truck transports cold hard cash, but Brink’s is renowned on an international scale for their secure transportation of highly valued goods, from priceless pieces of art to even a piece of rock from the moon. Security is only the starting point; Brink’s streamlines operations every step of the way, from ensuring compliance to offering a cloud-based track and trace software that makes the entire delivery process transparent. With these systems already in place, it was a natural and effortless shift into the cannabis industry.

Integrating Solutions

Brink’s Canada has been integrating transportation solutions in the cannabis industry for two years now, after being chosen as the supplier for Canopy Growth, meaning Brink’s Canada has been mastering the nuances of safely and successfully transporting cannabis from seed to sale since day one of legalization. This includes transportation compliance across provinces, as well as understanding the product itself and the ever growing needs of businesses in this sector. “Once we established a standard, we simply adjusted as the industry adjusted,” explains Lerohl. One of these adjustments is their current shift of focus from the transportation of product and cash, to a full logistical plan involving the product.

Brink’s Complete

The process begins with insulated and temperature-controlled transport trucks, though the fleet is much more diverse than that, oscillating between a range of vehicles from armoured trucks to Sprinters to accommodate a wide range of cannabis cargo. “From dry goods to edibles to oils, each product has a different distribution practice, especially across provinces, and we have experience with each product line,” says Lerohl. “We know how to navigate the market, and we already have the infrastructure in place.” This is of great value, particularly to new businesses that can then lean into Brink’s expertise in best practices for starting up, growing business, and breaking into new markets.

Warehouse and distribution solutions are available as well, with secured and ambient controlled storage facilities available. Plus at every point, the product is tracked, traced, and reported on, with a dedicated logistics support system available. The peace of mind that comes with such a transparent and all-encompassing suite of solutions is hard to beat. The supply chain doesn’t end at the retailer though. After the product is delivered, Brink’s does what they do best: get money into the bank safely, and in a hurry. In its totality, Brink’s helps retailers to reduce costs, improve access to working capital, automate internal processes, and gain unprecedented visibility into their cash flow near real-time.

Digitizing Cash

Cash is still paramount in the cannabis industry, and according to Lerohl, “offering consumers a choice of payment is important.” Many new retailers are shocked when they discover how much cash ends up in their hands at the end of the day, and with cash, there is always risk. The digital capacity of the innovative cash solutions available from Brink’s allows cannabis retailers to continue to offer these types of transactions to their consumers, while keeping their business and staff safe while accessing their cash in a remarkably fast turnaround. “We make cash as digital as a credit card can be,” boasts Lerohl. “And we are changing the business model in a way no one else is doing in the armoured transportation industry.”

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