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Cannabis 2.0 Products Available in Ontario

Starting today (Jan. 6), cannabis edibles, beverages, vapes, topicals, and extracts are now available at Ontario Cannabis Store locations throughout the province.

The products will first be available in stores and then on as early as Jan. 16, according to a a blog post from OSC.

“As different producers are at varying stages of the licensing process… products will see a staggering release throughout the first few months of the year,” the post reads.

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More than 100 Cannabis 2.0 products are expected to be available within the first few months of the year.

Edible products include chocolates, cookies, mints and soft chews from brands such as Tokyo Smoke, Dixie, Aurora Drift, Foray, San Rafael 71 and KOLAB. Edibles will range in price from $7 – $14.

Beverages will include tea, flavoured soda, and sparking water from brands such as Tweed, Haven St and Houseplant. Prices will range between $4 and $10.

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Vape products will include pens, 510 thread cartridges, and vape kits from brands such as Aurora, San Rafael 71, RIFF, Solei, Good Supply, dosist, Foray, KOLAB, Tweed, LBS, Van der pop, TWD, Tokyo Smoke, FIGR, Edison, Trailblazer, Redecan, Sundial and Top Leaf. Products will range in price from $25 – $125.

Topical products will include creams, bath salts, and body butter from brands such as 48 North, Earth Dragon, United Greeneries, and CBD Acres. Prices will range between $15 to $55.

Extracts will include shatter, wax, rosin, kief and hash from brands such as Fireside and Canna Farms. Products will range in price from $30 – $70.

OCS warns that extracts are “extremely potent and should be consumed carefully.”


Along with Cannabis 2.0 are the 2.S0 accessories that are meant to be used with extracts and vapes, such as dab rigs, concentrate storage containers, rehydrating stones, and batteries. Brands selling accessories include JUJU Power, Tokyo Smoke, LUMA, FIGR, Pulsar, Dewbie, and PAX Labs. Prices will range from $2 – $170.

There are a lot of new products in the pipeline, but producers are waiting to bring them to market. “In order to legally ship and sell products, licensed producers must first apply for an amended licence, submit products for a 60-day review period, and finally pass quality assurance standards,” OCS says. “When products meet these criteria, they may be introduced into the market.”

Photo Credit: congerdesign/pixabay

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