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Cannabis Consumption: Millennials vs. Boomers

Despite their many differences, it seems that Millennials and Boomers, the generations that seem most at odds with each other, have one big thing in common: they like to consume cannabis.

According to a recently released survey by Verilife, Millennials and Boomers share a lot in common when it comes to their cannabis use. For example, both tend to spend an average of $76.50 per month on cannabis and prefer classic methods of consumption like bongs or joints.

When it comes to why they use cannabis, both generations enjoy using recreational cannabis to relax, and medical cannabis to treat pain and inflammation-related ailments, however, Boomers are twice as likely to use cannabis for medical reasons (50%), while Millennials mostly use cannabis for fun (49%). Unsurprisingly, 22% of Millennials, the anxious generation, use cannabis to reduce their anxiety, and they are twice as likely to consume it before an event or social gathering. Boomers aren’t far behind though, with 17% consuming it to deal with anxiety, and both Millennials (28%) and Boomers (26%) report using cannabis before work or other social situations to help ease their stress.

Due to their medical use, Boomers are more likely to consume earlier in the day to manage their symptoms, but both generations enjoy smoking a joint to wind down at the end of the day. Not only that, but since Boomers are potentially seeing their doctor more, they seem more trusting and open with them about their cannabis use. Sixty percent of Boomers reported telling their primary care doctor about cannabis, compared to 46% of Millennials, and 63% of Boomers felt that their doctor gave them accurate information about cannabis, while only 38% of Millennials trusted what their doctor had to say.

Despite that, Millennials seem more open with their cannabis use in general, and more likely to consider themselves daily users. Around one in five Millennials reported using cannabis every day, compared to half as many (12%) Boomers. According to the survey, 25% of Boomers aren’t even open about their cannabis use with their significant other.

Judging by this data, Millennials and Boomers are more similar than different when it comes to cannabis. Both generations overwhelmingly reported consuming cannabis with family members and friends. Perhaps Boomers and Millennials can bond over a shared love of the plant—and stop with the OK Boomer and avocado toast jokes.