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Drive-Thru Cannabis Store Opens

In an industry that is innovating every day, purchasing cannabis is only getting easier for consumers. Taylor Giovannini, founder and President of Oceanic Releaf Inc., has made it so that customers don’t even have to get out of their cars if they don’t want to.

Oceanic Releaf, in partnership with Delta 9 Cannabis, opened its first retail cannabis store in the heart of the Burin Peninsula, in Newfoundland & Labrador, on Burin Arm Bay’s main street, down from the local college campus and the regional hospital. The 2,300 square foot building will be offering drive-through pick-up for customers, along with coffee, tea, and a wide selection of local and Delta 9 cannabis products.

“We are so excited to continue normalizing the cannabis industry and creating a genuine experience for all consumers,” said Giovannini in a press release. “Offering coffee and multiple ways to purchase will elevate Oceanic’s reach and brand. The Drive-thru is also key in this ongoing pandemic we are all facing and we are happy to adapt to the changing times.”

Oceanic Releaf Inc. is a vertically integrated cannabis company based in rural Newfoundland. The company started with a 65,000 square foot cultivation facility that was converted from a secondary processing facility. Giovannini plans to convert another fish plant into more space to grow, however, these plans are still in the works.

As someone who grew up in the community, Giovannini is staying true to her roots by keeping most of the operations local and offering “fresh, clean products from one of the last unspoiled areas in the world.”

“This is a major milestone for Oceanic and an exciting day for the residents of The Burin Peninsula. Not only are we opening a socially responsible and beautiful store, but we are also making waves with the first Drive-thru cannabis retail store,” says Giovannini.

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