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February 2020 Retail Sales

Retail trade sales of cannabis across Canada increased 4% based on average daily sales to $149.9 million in February, although the actual number was 2.8% lower than January, which had an additional 2 days in it.

Ontario’s sales increased 3% to $38.2 million, which represents average monthly sales of $930,854 per store, based on 41 stores open in February.

Quebec’s government-run stores only sold $767,947 per store and their sales decreased 9.7% in February, following a drop of 4.6% in January.

Alberta’s sales increased nominally in February, yet sales were only $78,785 per store. The market in Alberta is very competitive with some cities having stores on every block. Fire & Flower made the difficult decision to close 3 stores in Alberta after posting a loss of $32.6 million for their fiscal year ending February 1, 2020.

BC’s sales continued trending up reaching $20.2 million in February, up 2.2% from the previous month. Stores are still opening at a very slow rate in BC, with only 17 stores opening in February for a total of 200. Average store sales were $101,090 for the month.

Sales in the Prairies declined with both Saskatchewan and Manitoba showing lower sales. No new stores opened in either province.

The East Coast posted lower sales in all four provinces and had no new stores opening.

February Sales x 1,000

Canada            $149,891

Ontario              $38,165

Alberta              $33,326

Quebec              $29,182

BC                       $20,218

Saskatchewan     $8,011

Manitoba             $6,282

Nova Scotia         $5,746

New Brunswick $4,200

Nfld & Lab            $2,859

PEI                         $1,254

Yukon                      $435

NWT                         $214

Source: Statistics Canada



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