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Figr – Rooted in Farming History, Growing with Technology

Every big idea starts with a small seed. For Figr—a Licensed Producer with beginnings in Prince Edward Island—inspiration has always been rooted in their multi-generational farming history that spans 150 years.

“Our heritage really stems from partnering with farmers first,” says Zack Grossman, vice president of marketing, North America for Figr Inc. Today, Figr’s farmers and scientists lean heavily on proven horticultural practices, while keeping an eye on the future, to craft an innovative, hands-on cultivation process that provides high-quality cannabis products to Canadian consumers.

Transparency and Traceability

“When it comes to cannabis, it’s important to have transparency and access to information so you know your product is one you can trust,” says Grossman. “And why trust Figr products? Because we’ve gone through not only all the steps required by Health Canada, but also many more that we put in place ourselves. Providing that trust and transparency in everything we do is paramount.” This philosophy led to the implementation of SENTRISM, a one-of-a-kind traceability platform that combines technology, people, and processes to track the lifecycle of each product. This ensures consumers and budtenders alike feel confident that they are receiving high-quality, reliable products.

PlantData drawn from SENTRISM is used to power the Figr Budtender App, which is a convenient and interactive digital education tool. For budtenders, the app gives them hands-on access to information about Figr’s products, which they can then pass on to consumers when they visit retail stores. For consumers, the app provides a level of transparency that gives peace of mind knowing where their product came from. “Budtenders and consumers can scan the packaging and see information like the product’s exact THC amount, the terpene profile, and Certificate of Analysis,” says Grossman.

Supporting Educational Efforts

“Budtenders are leading the charge on consumer education, but we’ve heard them express the limitations of only categorizing things as indica and sativa, because it’s not necessarily the right rule for everyone,” Grossman states, which is why Figr has focused on providing detailed information that tells the story behind every product.

“We see a lot of LPs use the broad descriptions of terpenes and THC percentages,” Grossman continues. “While everyone has to put the THC and CBD percentage on the bottle, it can vary from crop to crop. Legal market genetics are still very young, so crop variation is still there. By providing the consumer the exact ratios of THC and CBD, as well as the terpene profile their specific product has, they can start to track how that impacts taste, flavour, and experience.”

BudsFigr has been leading the market in terms of sharing this additional information with consumers, but educational efforts still need to continue. Right now, there’s still a strong preference from consumers for THC percentages. “But I think it will get more like the wine world where people truly appreciate the aromatic notes of the terpenes” says Grossman.

Local Support Can Make a Big Impact

Figr has recently launched The FIGR Fund, a national program aimed at supporting the success and development of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) small businesses owners, innovators, entrepreneurs, and community leaders. The goal is to help make a positive impact on local communities across Canada by supporting the economic vitality of businesses in BIPOC communities. “We look at ourselves as a farmer-first organization and we know what it’s like to be an entrepreneur of a small business,” says Grossman. “It’s really important for us to look at what’s happening in the communities where we operate and see how can we help by investing in and working with BIPOC businesses and organizations who can get the right products and services into the hands of the people who can benefit the most. We’re always acting local, but local doesn’t mean small,” says Grossman. “We may be one business, but we can still help support many others.”

Locally grown, Figr’s craft cannabis products are available in dried flower, pre-rolls and oils. Figr also offers 510 vape cartridges and the propriety Figr Master Vapourizer and Master Pods, all of which feature natural flavours. Products are now available in eight Canadian provinces through retail locations and online stores, including Prince Edward Island, Alberta, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and  Manitoba.