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May’s Retail Sales Continue Climbing

Despite the ups and downs faced by the cannabis industry this year, sales continue to rise month after month. Sales jumped just over 4% in May, from $178.4 million in April to $185.8 million, the highest they’ve ever been, according to Statistics Canada.

Numbers all across the country are steadily rising, some faster than others.

Alberta, the province with the largest number of stores also had the highest sales of any province taking around 1/4 of all sales, boasting a total of $46.2 million, up approximately $4 million from April.

British Columbia saw a similar boost in sales, up from $23.8 million to $27.1 million. In recent months, BC has seen an uptick in both public and private stores, and it shows in their increased sales.

The Maritime Provinces and the Territories show gradual growth as businesses and services began to open up again. PEI Cannabis took a major hit to their earnings during the pandemic while their doors remained closed in March and April, but once they re-opened, sales skyrocketed from $435,000 in April to $575,000 in May.

Manitoba and Saskatchewan held their places in the middle, bringing in $6.9 million and $10.6 million respectively.

Ontario and Quebec, however, seem to be stalling out. Sales in Ontario rose by only 2%, from $40.2 million to $41.1 million, seemingly due to the lack of retail stores outside of major city centres. Quebec’s sales declined by 6%, from $41 million to $38.5 million, likely due to the province’s ban on cannabis vaporizers and regulations on edibles.

May Retail Sales x 1,000

Canada – 185,897

Alberta – 46,280

Ontario – 41,134

Quebec – 38,532

BC – 27,136

Saskatchewan – 10,608

Manitoba – 6,936

Nova Scotia – 5,861

New Brunswick – 5,140

Nwfd & Labrador – 2,796

Yukon – 581

PEI – 575

NWT – 318

Source: Statistics Canada

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