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Niche Product Sales Up

Canadians decided to try something new in May, according to new figures released by Statistics Canada. Cannabis topical sales increased by 71.4% and cannabis seed sales increased by 59.1%. While they may not make up a large portion of total sales, these numbers show that Canadians are starting to get more curious.

In April, only 1,736 units of cannabis topicals were sold, however, in May sales shot up to 6,068 as new products entered the market. Similarly, April saw only 1,798 units of cannabis seeds sold, but that number rose to 4,397 in May.

Are Canadians staying at home to garden this summer? Are quarantined cannabis consumers experiencing more aches and pains? Or, are more products finally becoming available? These niche products have the lowest sales, and the highest unsold inventory (inventory is 7.8 times and 20.3 times of sales, respectively), however, cannabis consumers could be finally starting to take interest in something other than edibles and dried flower.

Altogether, 7.2 million units of non-medical cannabis were sold across the country in May, with dried flower in the lead, as usual, making up 74.5% of sales, trailed by edibles at 13.6% and extracts at 11.7%. The total number of sales for each category continues to rise slowly, while the inventory in each category climbs at an exponential rate. According to Statistics Canada data, the total inventory of packaged units of cannabis is now 5.5 times higher than sales.

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