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Protecting Retail Staff & Customers

As cannabis stores have been selected as an essential service in most provinces, it’s imperative that retailers protect staff and customers by preventing the spread of COVID-19. In addition to government-ordered precautions, retailers have de-activated their bud bars and are encouraging customers to click and collect.

Companies have been re-purposing production lines to develop hand sanitizer and create products to help deal with this crisis.

There are a number of companies offering protective cashier protection barriers.

BWI Business World has an easy-to-install shield made from clear PETG plastic that is set on sturdy foam-based feet. These shields can be taken down and stored when no longer needed.

For more information or to order contact Kim Barton at 604-532-0500 or email or visit BWI’s site.

INEO Solutions has redirected their production capacity to produce acrylic cashier protection barriers that can be installed to protect the cashier from inadvertent contact with COVID-19, while still allowing interaction with product, credit cards, and cash.

The guard is easy to attach and adjustable up and down, meaning it can fit almost any counter. The product is shipped with a piece of 10Mil poly attached to the bottom, which you can easily cut with a pair of scissors to fit around your retail counter debit terminal, bagging area, display monitor, etc.

The SneezeGuard brackets are pre-drilled to be either bolted or lag screwed into the counter and can be installed in 30 minutes.

For more information and to order please contact: Kyle Hall, CEO, INEO Solutions at 604-283-2974 ext. 102 or cell 650-270-0504, or email

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