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Retail Sales Rose 19.2% in March 2020

Canada’s retail cannabis sales increased 19.2% in March to $181 million, compared to February’s sales. The large increase is due in part to people stockpiling product when COVID-19 hit. 30 new stores opened across Canada in March, despite the pandemic.

Ontario’s retail cannabis sales increased 20.6% in March, maintaining its top sales position by province with $47.3 million in sales. With 51 stores open in March, that’s an average of $927,529 per store, which is comparable to February’s figures.

Alberta stole 2nd place from Quebec in March with sales reaching $40.4 million, increasing 20.9% over February. Alberta still boasts the highest number of stores in a province with 436 stores licensed at the end of March.

Quebec showed a whopping growth of 29.1% bringing their monthly sales to $37.7 million, while only opening 3 more stores.

BC’s sales grew 11.9% hitting $23.5 million.

Sales in Saskatchewan rose 10.5% while Manitoba saw an increase of 7.2%.

Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland all posted higher sales in March.

PEI’s sales declined as they closed their 4 stores mid-March and have just re-opened them.

March Sales x 1,000

Canada – $181,071

Ontario – $47,304

Alberta – $40,375

Quebec – $37,665

BC – $23,504

Saskatchewan – $8,832

Manitoba – $6,849

Nova Scotia – $6,453

New Brunswick – $5,019

Newfoundland & Labrador – $3,039

PEI – $1,198

Yukon – $532

NWT – $301

Source: Statistics Canada