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Unique Names for Budtenders

With the numerous unique brands in the cannabis industry come a whole host of creative job titles for sales associates, often referred to as ‘budtenders’.

Read on to find out the fun names that brands call their budtenders.

Village Bloomery – Bloom Tenders
Choom – Educators
Spiritleaf – Cannabis Concierge

“This stems from the sense of community that we focus on in each of our locations, many locally owned and operated,” says Nathan Noble, National Manager of Retail at Spiritleaf. “Our staff takes enormous pride in making our guests feel at home and welcome each time they visit a Spiritleaf store. Part of the experience during these visits is a personalized interaction focussed on education and recommendations […], much like you would expect from a professional concierge in the hospitality industry.”

420 Premium Market – Cannabis Consultant
Farmer Jane Cannabis Co. – Budtender
Delta 9 – Cannabis Consultants or Cannabis Specialists at the expert level
Dutch Love – Sales Associates

“At Dutch Love, we decided to steer away from ‘budtender’ originally when making considerations for any stigmas that might follow the cannabis industry into a normalized market,” says Harrison Stoker, VP of Donnelly Group. “Second to that, we have designed a fairly common yet modern retail experience and wanted our customers to have the same sense of familiarity in our retail stores like any other retail store.”

Tokyo Smoke – Education Specialists
Tweed – Tweedtenders

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