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West Coast Gifts

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Based in Vancouver, BC, West Coast Gifts (WCG) is Canada’s largest designer, manufacturer, and distributor of award-winning hand pipes, water pipes, vaporizers, and smoking accessories. Their brands and products, including their signature colour-changing glass pipes, have become widely recognized around the world.

WCG’s product offerings have expanded over the decades and continue to evolve based on industry trends and consumer demands. West Coast Gifts now offers over 5,000 high-quality products that are shipped internationally from a 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse, where a first-class team ships most orders within 24 hours.

Fuelled by Passion

West Coast Gifts (WCG) is Canada’s largest designer, manufacturer, and distributor of award-winning hand pipes, water pipes, vaporizers, and smoking accessoriesWest Coast Gifts had a colourful start when founder and dedicated Deadhead Howard Franklin first encountered chameleon-like glass pipes in the 1990s, while following his favourite band around the US.

“The first time I saw a pipe change colour it literally changed my life, just like the Grateful Dead did,” says Franklin. “At the time everyone was smoking out of metal and wood, which really took away from the taste of the buds. The idea of colour-changing glass was so amazing, and the cannabis just tasted so much better through glass. Borosilicate glass had only been around since the 1950s and using it for art, yet alone functional art, was just in the infancy stage. Getting the glass to change colours was only known to a handful of glassblowers at the time (in the early 1990s), so I learned how to blow glass because I thought everyone should be smoking out of glass.”

Buying Quality Glass

Franklin moved to Canada from the US and continued to develop glass products. Quality glass is important if you want something to function properly or if you want it to last. Quality matters so much because some imported glass is not fully blown, and they drill the bowl hole in the glass. When you drill the glass, some tiny particles are left in the pipe, and if they don’t clean it out properly you could ingest them when inhaling. “Being in the industry for over 25 years, I have seen a lot of different glass products and quality levels,” says Franklin. “I find that our customers have a special bond with their pipes and want them to last forever. They remind them of good times with friends and family. It’s important to me that we continue to design and produce good quality pipes, so they last a long time.  I love getting thank you emails from our customers with pictures of the Red Eye Glass or GEAR Premium bong or pipe they have had for 10 or 15 years and are still enjoying.”

Extensive Product Selection

“Personally, my favourite piece is our patent pending GEAR Premium Sidekick,” describes Franklin. “It has a built-in lighter holder and comes in a nice box with a bunch of awesome swag! It’s like the Porsche of bongs, a timeless design.” WCG designs many of their own products in Canada and the US and has five in-house glass brands: Red Eye Glass, Red Eye Tek, GEAR Premium, iRie, and Cheech and Chong Glass. Other brands carried include LIT Silicone, Gravity-B, Retro Glass, and Rockit Vaporizers.

In addition to ready-branded items, WCG also offers the chance for private retailers to brand customized accessories for sale. “White label is catching on with all the new stores opening up,” says Franklin. “They’re all looking for ways to keep their name in front of their customers and what better way than putting their brand/logo on a high-quality bong or a pipe that we custom design for them. Currently we are offering white label glass and silicone hand pipes and water pipes.”

Exclusive Canadian Distribution

WCG also carries a wide variety of portable and plug-in vaporizers and is the exclusive distributor in Canada for the popular Puffco family of vaporizer products and the DynaVap battery-free vaporizers and accessories. The most recent exclusive Canadian distribution arrangement is with Summerland Ceramics.

“Our team of sales specialists are very hands-on and manage all aspects of their customers’ smoking accessory business needs,” notes Franklin. “Our sales specialists have extensive product knowledge, some have as much as 15+ years in the industry, and they take the time to listen to our customers’ needs and educate them on the best product assortment for their shop. In addition to our ‘best-in-class’ customer support, we have the best prices in the industry backed by our Price Match Guarantee!”

Launched in January 2020, the new website has special features such as live inventory, a quick add function, and the ability to search by brand, collection, product category, or product SKU.  The website also has ‘back-in-stock’ email notifications, product favourites to make reorders easy, and a live chat function for customer support. Customers can also check the website weekly to see new product drops, Bong of the Week specials, and other great deals.

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