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Which Sports Fans Consume Cannabis?

Much to the relief of fans everywhere, many major league sports are back on the air. Due to social distancing, fans will have to watch from the comfort of their own home for now, but that gives them more freedom to enjoy their other hobby—consuming cannabis, apparently.

According to a poll conducted by Morning Consult, sports fans enjoy consuming cannabis while they watch their favourite sports. At the top of the list are UFC and eSports fans, with 35% reporting that they consume while they watch, followed closely by Formula 1 fans at 31%.

For most racing sports, soccer, and tennis, around one in three fans consume cannabis, and it goes down to one in four when it comes to basketball.

Baseball, hockey, and football fans are among the least likely to partake in cannabis while they watch the game, with only 20% to 23% of them reporting to consume.

Overall, there isn’t a huge difference in the numbers, so we can say that roughly one in three sports fans enjoys consuming cannabis while watching their favourite game.

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