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C3 Collabs with Cannabis Training Canada

The Cannabis Council of Canada (C3) is collaborating in partnership with Cannabis Training Canada (CTC), which will become the designated educators for the licensed producers and processors that are C3 members, providing standardized education so that everyone has the same knowledge base to work from.

Educating Canadians on Cannabis

Founded in 2015, Cannabis Training Canada offers comprehensive, reliable training to Canada’s cannabis industry and is currently the government-mandated training program in Nunavut and Nova Scotia.

Through this partnership, not only can licensed producers and processors across the country receive a solid foundation of knowledge, but they can also create branded training programs to help brands educate retailers about their products and who they are. They can create custom in-house training programs for their own employees, too.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Cannabis Training Canada,” said George Smitherman in a press release. “This partnership will help C3 to diversify and improve the membership experience, as well as provide value to existing partners in the form of education and customized product and brand training for our member companies. We are looking forward to working with CTC and utilizing their expertise and experience in the industry.”

Opportunities for Retailers

While C3 is mostly an advocacy group for licensed producers, this collaboration has benefits for retailers, as well. With CTC’s fully customizable training programs, more and more producers and processors will be coming to retailers with comprehensive e-learning programs that make sure budtenders are fully equipped with all the knowledge and training they need to effectively sell their products—that means more sales for producers and retailers.

Zane Yessin, co-founder of CTC, says it was a goal of theirs to expand their services to as many cannabis businesses as possible. “This partnership represents a key milestone for us as it will allow us to expand our footprint and open our services to licensed producers, processors, and other cannabis businesses. We are also looking forward to getting involved with the various advocacy initiatives that C3 is working on to help push the industry forward.”

Standardized education about cannabis all across the board—producers and processors, retailers, consumers, and even regulators—can only be a good thing to reduce the stigma that still surrounds cannabis in all forms.

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