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Full-Spectrum Products Key to Cannabis 2.0

The continuing roll-out of Cannabis 2.0 promises to be very different from the rush to market with dried flower in the early days of legalization.

Several full -spectrum products such as shatter vapes, CBD oil, and edibles have come to market in just the past few weeks.

Alberta-based Wabi Sabi Brands has just gained federal approval to manufacture cannabis extracts, topicals, and premium edibles. The team is focused on building their brand with premium full-spectrum cannabis edibles. Nothing against gummies and bud, but this new wave of chocolates inspired by Belgian pralines, Swiss truffles, and French bon bons would look right at home in the finest Parisian boutique.

“We use only finest Belgian chocolate and other premium food ingredients while, to our knowledge, being one of the only chocolate in the market with strain-specific full-spectrum cannabis and an optimized terpene profile for our chocolates,” says President and CEO Todd Pringle.

Advanced extraction techniques can be used to isolate THC and CBD, but also to create products that preserve the unique terpene and cannabinoid profiles of high-quality cannabis strains, so-called full-spectrum concentrates.

“While we have exciting innovation plans for other edibles and topicals, we are currently focused on increasing our production to meet the expected demand for our two initial products, White Chocolate Creamy Caramel and Milk Chocolate Cookies & Cream,” Pringle says.

Wabi Sabi chocolates will be available in Saskatchewan and in Alberta later in September, with product expected in British Columbia and Ontario later this fall.

Adastra, under the Phyto Extractions brand, has just gained approval for two strain-specific shatter vape cartridges, based on Santa Cruz Haze and Jet Fuel, containing 3%-5% total cannabis-derived terpenes with 79%-82% THC potency.

Vancouver’s Green Light Solutions recently launched LoFi full-spectrum CBD oil, which provides customers “unparalleled visibility into ingredient source and batch-specific lab results.”

Holiday occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter promise to be key profit drivers, and will hopefully allow retailers to drive up basket size at the point of sale.

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