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Global Cannabis Partnership Gets New ED

Ivan Ross Vrána has been appointed as the new Executive Director of the Global Cannabis Partnership effective September 1st.

The Partnership was established in 2018 and is an international initiative that focuses on the establishment of worldwide corporate social responsibility standards related to the production, marketing/public education, sale, after-sales service, and informed consumption of legal cannabis.

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Vrána is widely recognized as an industry expert in the field of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. His experience in this sector dates back to his time with Health Canada when he helped develop the Government of Canada’s position regarding the use, production, distribution, and regulation of cannabis for medical purposes. Diplomat Consulting Inc., one of Canada’s leading cannabis regulatory and public affairs consulting firms, has acquired the Global Cannabis Partnership under its assets to provide ongoing and long-term support for the sector.

“Cannabis continues to be a fascinating environment. Whether it’s our understanding of the science behind its use for medical or recreational purposes, how governments across the world develop policy and regulations regarding its production and trade, or society’s views regarding its legality, the sector continues to evolve and mature.” says Vrána. “Given this dynamic reality, I am pleased to be leading the Global Cannabis Partnership and working with the great people at Diplomat Consulting. The goal is to foster a robust exchange of ideas amongst a diverse group of stakeholders that allow for the implementation of policies that benefit us all.”

Vrána is a bilingual, trained facilitator and holds a Masters in Public Administration from Carleton University. He developed a course for graduate students in public policy/administration to teach them how to successfully develop and communicate complex public policy proposals with confidence. This course keeps him lecturing regularly at both Carleton and Concordia Universities as well as Algonquin College.

“Ivan Ross Vrána has been a leader in the cannabis industry for years and we are thrilled to see him join the Global Cannabis Partnership to support their endeavour in bringing together cannabis industries on a global scale” says Nathan Mison, CEO of Diplomat Consulting and Senior Advisor to the Global Cannabis Partnership. “An incredibly brilliant regulatory mind, his innovative policy ideas will allow the Global Cannabis Partnership to flourish.”

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