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NS Local Products Drive 42.7% Increase

Sales of locally produced cannabis products were up a whopping 85.2% in the last quarter as Nova Scotians embrace both lower prices and increasingly popular large-format packages.

Local cannabis now accounts for nearly 20% of all cannabis sales, according to the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC).



“We carry products from more local producers than we did this time last year, and two local producers now offer the popular 28-gram packages,” the corporation said. “The average price per gram decreased by 16 per cent to $6.49, making NSLC cannabis prices more competitive with the illicit market.”

Pre-rolls are also now available in large-format packages, which carry a relatively low price per gram.

Sales were further aided by the opening of 19 new cannabis stores in the past year—seven in just the past quarter, and Sunday retail openings, which increased the number of sales days.

In the most recent quarter, new stores opened in Bayers Lake, Berwick, Mahone Bay, New Waterford, Novalea Drive in Halifax, Sydney Mines, and Welton Street in Sydney.

NSLC now operates 33 cannabis retail locations.

“The NSLC team has done a tremendous job working hard to responsibly serve our customers, expand the cannabis network, support community-based initiatives and focus on major projects to improve our service offering this quarter,” said Greg Hughes, NSLC President & CEO.

Overall, cannabis sales were $24.7 million in the last quarter, an increase of 42.7%. Compared to the same period last year, retail transactions were up 74.4% and the average transaction increased by 18% to more than $40.

“This growth is a reflection of the quality cannabis produced here in Nova Scotia, and that customers want to support local businesses,” said NSLC Communications and Media Relations Manager Beverley Ware.

“Since legalization, we have been able to add more local products to our shelves as producers get the necessary license to sell. We now carry products from seven local licensed producers – one of which now also sells vape products – a local accessory provider, and our first micro-grower.”

Past year cannabis sales in Nova Scotia topped $86 million, up 21%, the corporation said.

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