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Sensi Brands Opens Farm-Gate Store

Sensi Brands, a licensed producer based out of St. Thomas, Ontario, is opening the doors to its very own farm-gate cannabis retail store. As one of the first few farm-gate stores to open, Sensi Brands has the opportunity to create new experiences for customers—and they’re taking it.

Plant-to-Consumer Experience

The new store, dubbed Station House Cannabis Co., is expected to add a fun, new experience for visitors, offering a ‘plant-to-consumer’ experience.

Of course, the store will offer Sensi Brand’s full line-up of products along with a selection of other Ontario-based cultivars from local craft growers, not to mention store-exclusive branded merchandise, but on top of that, customers will actually get to see where Sensi Brand cannabis is grown.

“The opening of our farm-gate store is a landmark moment in not only our company’s history but also our success in launching highly desirable, relevant cannabis brands and showcasing them in an interactive way to consumers,” said Sensi Brands Founder and CEO Tony Giorgi. “We are very pleased to offer a plant-to-consumer experience in partnership with our eco-system of licensed cultivators, many of which are based in Ontario, and proudly showcasing our market-leading locally grown, processed and packaged cannabis products.”

Calling it a “’first of its kind’ educational experience”, the store will also give customers a peek into Sensi Brand’s cultivation practices through a video presentation, and then through a viewing window into the grow room. Product knowledge experts are on-site as well, to educate customers and create a “personalized, positive experience”.

Local Love

Since St. Thomas is known as “The Railway City”, the Station House Cannabis Co. brand is a nod to the city’s history. The store itself is even created from an old shipping container and decorated to look like a freight train car.

The city of St. Thomas and Sensi Brands have developed a mutually beneficial relationship since the producer launched in January 2020. According to Sensi, the company has grown from four employees to over 70, becoming one of the largest employers in St. Thomas—a fact Giorgi is proud of.

Sean Dyke, CEO of the St. Thomas Economic Development Corporation, is pleased with the relationship as well.

“We are exceptionally pleased to have the new farm-gate store open in the City,” he said. “The focus on ‘shop local’ has been strong in our community and I have no doubt that this new initiative will prove to be very popular, particularly with the railway-themed ‘Station House’ brand leading the way.”

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