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BC Enables Cannabis Farm-to-Gate Sales

British Columbia is introducing a new cannabis retail license that will allow eligible federally licensed cannabis producers to sell non-medical cannabis products from stores located at their cultivation site.

When the producer retail store (PRS) license comes into effect on Nov. 30, 2022, applications will be open through the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch’s (LCRB) liquor and cannabis licensing portal. All federal standard cultivator, micro-cultivator and nursery license-holders will be eligible to apply.

This license was created as part of the Province’s commitment to enable farm-to-gate cannabis sales in British Columbia. It is intended to support the development of a robust, diverse, and sustainable legal cannabis economy that is inclusive of Indigenous and rural communities.

“The fourth anniversary of the legalization of cannabis in BC is around the corner, and we continue to look for ways to support growth of the legal market while providing safe and accessible options for British Columbians,” says Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General. “The PRS license is another way we are working to support the success of BC-based producers.”

PRS licensees will be eligible to register for the BC Liquor Distribution Branch’s (LDB) PRS direct-delivery program under the PRS direct-delivery category. PRS direct delivery is limited to the sale of cannabis produced by the cultivator/nursery to the PRS. It is distinct from the broader direct delivery program, which has size-specific eligibility requirements and enables the sale of cannabis to any licensed and authorized cannabis retail store in BC.

Direct-Delivery Program

The LDB’s direct-delivery program allows federally licensed cannabis nurseries and small-scale producers processing as much as 3,000 kilograms of dried, unpackaged cannabis or its fresh equivalent annually to deliver directly to licensed and authorized cannabis retail stores in BC.

The direct-delivery program further enables small-scale cultivators to build brand loyalty with licensed cannabis retail stores and their customers by offering their products in local stores rather than spreading the same volume throughout the province.

As of Sept. 28, 2022, there are 350 direct delivery products available from 47 cultivators and 26 processors registered in the program. Products available to licensed and authorized retailers under the direct delivery program will continue to expand over the coming months as licensed cannabis producers complete the registration for eligible products.

First Nations Partnerships

This launch follows the recent opening of the first farm-gate cannabis facility in BC in Williams Lake, which was a result of the government-to-government agreement between the Province and Williams Lake First Nation. Five other First Nations have signed s.119 agreements with the government.

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