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Budtender Spotlight: Fabian Liebrand

Cannabis is an industry that greets everyone with open arms. It’s unbiased and friendly while providing consistency in uncertain times like these.

Many started their industry journey over the course of the pandemic, and have seen the benefits of working within a space that provides joy to its workers, as well as consumers. While every job presents its challenges, budtenders’ unwavering dedication to cannabis retail allows them to explore products, and gain knowledge and experience that helps them to grow as professionals, and aid in providing consumers with the perfect products for their needs.

Prairie Records melds the beauty of the arts with the freedom of cannabis, and their budtenders provide the chill vibe and warm atmosphere that keeps consumers coming back. Cannabis Retailer and Tether caught up with Fabian Liebrand, one of the budtenders at Prairie Records to learn about his year in the industry, his creative interests, and what he thinks cannabis brands should know about consumer accessibility.

Fabian’s Fave

General Assembly’s Honeydew Boba Pre-Rolls

A Little Bit Personal

“I’m a Dutchman living in Canada. Truly a person of many skills, but master of none,” says Liebrand, who came to Canada to explore his passions.

Being a member of the Prairie Records’ team gives him time to have a hand in helping others.

“I’ve spent the last 10 years in Canada creating and lending a hand in cultivating a more responsible and inclusive music scene through harm reduction. Next to working in the store, I sew a lot; along with more general design-related hobbies,” explains Liebrand.

Over the course of the pandemic, he joined the Prairie Records team to find stability in such an uncertain time, but he’s found his own joy within the cannabis space.

Highs and Lows

Having the opportunity to help people discover products at every stage of their cannabis journey creates connections and learning opportunities for both budtender and consumers.

Speaking to the best parts of the job, Liebrand says, “[My joy is] providing something that is inherently uplifting to people, and helping to figure out what [they] might enjoy.”

While there is joy in connecting people to their perfect pairings, there’s still a certain level of pressure in providing exactly what they have in mind. “The most challenging part is exactly the same as what I love [about my job],” he says. “It’s figuring out what people might like if we don’t have the exact product they are looking for.”

What Brands Need to Know

Accessibility is important, and being able to present products in a way consumers understand introduces a challenge for budtenders everywhere. Liebrand stresses the importance of breaking down product information for more informed purchasing. “Include terpene breakdowns and percentages,” he notes. “[It] makes it easier for us, and customers, to figure out what other products they might like.”

Accessibility is part of the reason Liebrand thinks working at Prairie Records is so cool. “The custom artwork for each strain allows customers to explore and discover more about the brands they know and discover new ones in an informal and personal way,” he describes. This allows their budtenders and consumers to connect to the product visually before experiencing effects firsthand.

Follow Fabian at @fabianliebrand on Instagram.

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