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Canadian Pre-Roll Sales Surge

There has been a continued surge in the pre-roll cannabis category across Canada, with significant growth occurring in Ontario, according to Headset. In June 2022, the pre-roll category continued to establish itself even further as the second largest category in total sales in the country, achieving an impressive 27% market share.

And, although pre-roll sales were strong in all four provinces where Headset tracks data, Ontario is the clear leader in the category, posting sales that were greater than those experienced in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan combined. This is not surprising given the larger number of stores in that province.

Total Canadian Pre-roll Category Sales for June 2022:

British Columbia – $17.3 million
Alberta – $18.9 million
Saskatchewan – $3.7 million
Ontario – $40.5 million

Canadian cannabis category sales by market percentage (last 90 days):

Flower Pre-roll Vapor pens Edibles Oils
BC 47.387 23.402 13.019 4.904 4.688
AB 48.427 22.919 15.265 4.043 3.345
SK 50.053 20.092 17.145 3.456 4.017
ON 52.359 18.349 15.198 4.735 2.82
Concentrates Beverages Capsules Topicals
BC 2.764 1.577 1.62 0.557
AB 2.93 1.203 1.322 0.461
SK 2.482 0.999 1.326 0.39
ON 2.737 1.95 1.256 0.509

Ever-Expanding Market

Canadian cannabis sales, segmented by markets, reveal an obvious popularity of dried cannabis flower among consumers, given the fact that the flower and pre-roll categories are the highest performers in each province where performance is tracked. More interestingly, however, are the possible drivers behind the continued rise in pre-rolls, which are likely born of the convenience of the ready-to-smoke product, as well as a market that continues to expand, welcoming scores of the curious and newcomers to the market.

Cannabis Sales Increases

Statistics Canada data released last month was highlighted by modest growth of the Canadian cannabis industry for the month of May. Total sales were estimated at $275.8 million—an increase of 0.7% over April’s numbers. However modest the posted increase in sales may have been, however, growth as compared to that of May 2021 remains significant at an astounding 20%. And, Headset’s July numbers corroborate with those of Statistics Canada, suggesting a sustained ascent of sales as the market continues to expand and mature.

Though Headset only tracks activity in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Ontario, it’s tracking of cannabis sales and market performance across North America is second-to-none and infers a pattern that is relatively consistent from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

Current Canadian sales and market performance:  

Sales Year-over-year growth
British Columbia $59,326,954 21.73%
Alberta $68,989,831 13.78%
Saskatchewan $15,851,938 19.94%
Ontario $163,922,371 29.45%

The average item price and basket spend per purchase also remains impressive:

Average Price Average Spend
British Columbia $23.15 $37.15
Alberta $23.69 $39.01
Saskatchewan $22.32 $39.99
Ontario $22.69 $40.88


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