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Cannabis Sales License Simplified

Starting April 19th, cannabis producers and micro-cultivators will no longer need to apply for a sales license separately from their cultivation license. This second step in the process has caused over a year’s delay for some licensed producers as they wait for Health Canada officials to go through yet another approval process in order to be able to sell the products they grow.

This reduction in red tape is a huge step for producers who will be able to get their products to market quicker as they can sell their product directly to provincial and territorial distributors as soon as they receive their cultivation license.

“This change will reduce regulatory burden on license holders and give new license holders the ability to bring products to market more quickly,” says Health Canada.

“Any steps to simplify unnecessary regulations are welcome, but we can’t help but wonder how such a simple thing took so long,” says David Hurford, secretary BC Craft Farmers Coop. “The real question is: Does the federal government understand a total reset of their approach to micro-class licensing is required to achieve the public interest goals of the Cannabis Act? Tinkering will not change the reality that Ottawa’s current pace of BC micro-licence approvals, barely six dozen in the first three years of legalization, is hurting the BC economy and fueling the illicit market.”

Existing licenses will be issued an amended license within 90 days.

“This decision is based on the lower risk associated with producing dried and fresh cannabis products,” explains Health Canada.

Image courtesy of BC Craft Farmers Coop.


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