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Featured Budtender: Chloe Walford

Chloe Walford is living her best life and walking a path she never imagined. As a long-time cannabis consumer, she first discovered cannabis in her teen years as a plant that provided relief and supported her mental health and ADHD.

Dab it, eat it, or smoke it, there is no consumption method that Walford doesn’t adore. It is this hands-on expertise and deep understanding of the plant that prepared Walford for her role engaging customers, providing advice, and sharing cannabis with her community.

As the first legal cannabis retail store opened on Vancouver Island, Mood Cannabis was founded to empower individuals to achieve their desired state of mind and to break the stigma through cannabis education and the power of knowledge. Starting as a budtender on opening day and subsequently promoted to supervisor, Walford was attracted to the values of creating positive experiences. “We create a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment where people feel accepted and free to be themselves,” she explains.

“Our local community has so much diversity and consumers with differing needs. Whether you are a first timer or someone looking for a real conversation, we really enjoy sharing a laugh and going deep with our customers.”

Pursuing her degree in psychology, Walford is an avid learner and strong believer in mental health and wellbeing. She notes, “I am constantly pursuing new information and cannabis education through scientific journals, conversations with community members, and industry education events.”

Chloe’s Corner

Birthed as half-baked messages on the team group chat and evolving into a recurring feature in the store’s weekly newsletter, Chloe’s Corner is best described as “a rollercoaster ride mash-up of analogies, product information, and random musings to best describe the high and experience.”

“The key to my process is really being present and letting the high wash over me. Having no distractions or predetermined expectations, I let the weed lead and guide me,” Walford describes.

“I’m just a big weed nerd and I’m especially fond of cannabis tastings. It’s important to analyze the smell, taste, and appearance, in addition to understanding the grow process and nuances that make a product unique.”

Walford explains how she found her voice: “I get deep and metaphorical. I think it’s my goofy style and relatability that it’s like talking to a friend. All fueled by my insatiable appetite for weed.” Channelling her inner Gossip Girl, Walford’s passion and love for cannabis is contagious, “XOXO.”

Walford proudly represents being born and raised on Vancouver Island. Confessing to being a “French school hippie” and growing up in a small town, she has earned her stripes smoking her bong in parking lots and driving endlessly looking for fast food.

Surrounded by lush landscapes and natural diversity, Walford expounds on the uniqueness of the “Island vibe” and a general widespread acceptance of cannabis.

Make an Impact

It’s a regular occurrence for customers to enter the store and ask, “What’s Chloe smoking this week?” Chloe’s Corner has become a two-way conversation and dialogue as customers recount and contrast their experiences with hers.

“Creating that welcoming environment where people can be weird and show who they truly are is what it’s all about,” Walford thoughtfully states.

“My feedback to the government is to increase the THC limit in edibles,” Walford shares. “The industry is still young and we can all make a difference and have a positive impact.”

As espoused by Lana Del Rey and perfectly exclaimed by Walford, “All I wanna do is get high by the beach.”

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