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How to Keep Great Budtenders

Budtenders have a big job. Every day budtenders across Canada pair consumers with products that suit their needs and educate customers on safe and proper product use. We look to budtenders to establish brand loyalty and act as the face of cannabis retail. Tether, Canada’s budtender community, surveyed over 300 budtenders from across the country. Here’s what budtenders had to say about their jobs, and what you can do as a retailer to help them stick around.

Support their Growth

More than 50% of budtenders are looking to pursue higher-level positions within the cannabis space, whether it be within cannabis retail or beyond.

●     Schedule educational opportunities – 70% of budtenders agree that there is a need for additional product and industry education. 88% of those surveyed said that their current primary means of education is via online research. Try scheduling more brand rep and LP visits, as 63% of budtenders feel they learn more from the source.

●     Be a generous employer – close to 70% of budtenders receive swag as a job perk, but only 25% get health benefits. 62% of budtenders agreed they felt their pay was fair based on their responsibilities, with 24% compensated $20+ an hour. Consider what your competition offers to ensure you incentivize budtenders to grow with you.

●     Offer management training programs – 15% of budtenders want to move into cannabis retail management positions. By offering management training programs and working with your budtenders to prepare them for store management, you can set budtenders up for success and create brand loyalty amongst staff.

Respect their Expertise

Budtenders want to be heard; an overwhelming number of budtenders want to help develop a better future for the industry. Here are some changes budtenders want to see:

●     Education – 70% of budtenders surveyed agree that there is a need for improved educational opportunities for cannabis retail staff. By providing education, you ensure your budtenders have the right tools to be able to best serve consumers every day.

●     Sampling – Developing personal preference through sampling is important, with 77% of budtenders indicating this is their preferred way to learn about new products. 78% of budtenders want to see improvement in the marketing and packaging regulations, notably making sampling more possible.

●     Packaging and Sustainability – 62% of budtenders want to see a more eco-friendly future for cannabis products, with 84% preferring biodegradable and recyclable materials.

●     Networking and Community – nearly 55% of budtenders want to be able to learn not only from the LPs they see but from each other. Connect employees from surrounding locations for information sessions and team-building opportunities.

With a hunger for product knowledge and a genuine fire lit under them to advance their careers in cannabis, budtenders have a desire to become more involved in the industry.

Tether, created by Marigold PR, is celebrating the contribution of budtenders during the inaugural Budtender Appreciation Week, March 21-25, 2022. Over 80% of budtenders said they are looking for community, B-Week aims to engage budtenders across the country. Learn more about the budtender survey and B-Week at

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