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New Delivery App in Manitoba

A cannabis delivery service has launched in Manitoba offering retailers “instant” delivery to their customers. Josh Giesbrecht created The Half Circle, an integrated online platform and delivery service.

This is the first Manitoban business where customers can order a local merchant’s products and receive them in approximately 30 minutes.

Giesbrecht created the third-party cannabis delivery app after working in brick-and-mortar cannabis retail. He previously owned three Uncle Sam’s Cannabis stores and has experience in start-ups offering rides and luxury items. Since February 2021, Giesbrecht has been working on the concept of cannabis delivery, and The Half Circle has gained significant traction since its launch. His app is comparable to DoorDash and allows consumers to browse through a selection of cannabis products and have them delivered across Manitoba.

Revenue Model

Giesbrecht says the revenue model needed reworking after watching his former two companies’ (TappCar and Bunnii) income drop through the pandemic and from the effects of inflation. As a result, The Half Circle will charge $1.99 per order plus 70 cents per kilometer traveled and a service fee of $3.99.

Manitoba Regulations

The Manitoba government created a new license in November 2020 allowing cannabis retailers to deliver their products to customers. They can also contract with third-party delivery companies but must comply with their license’s terms and conditions. The Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LGCA) has recently issued 16 licenses to deliver cannabis and alcohol through similar systems. Three companies have full licenses, and nine have conditional licenses.

Ideally, Giesbrecht would like to see The Half Circle operate in other provinces as regulations evolve, but as of right now, this delivery platform is only permitted in Manitoba.

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