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Prime Protection Security Services

Your Cannabis Security Provider

A unique industry like cannabis needs a unique solution—that’s why Prime Protection Security Services does things a little differently.

Customer Service Focus

“We realized that security guards at cannabis stores require a slightly different approach, which is why our training is highly customer service-based,” says Director of Operations, Rayyan Lokhat. “We want customers to walk in, so we try to be welcoming, easy-going, and not intimidating, but if something does happen, our guards are trained in de-escalation.”

Prime Protection Security Services has made providing quality security to cannabis retail stores its only job, and their commitment starts at square one with hiring guards who already have a friendly disposition and who are interested in cannabis culture. Everything from hiring, to training, and even scheduling revolves around making them the best possible solution for cannabis retail security.

“Everyone is specialized towards being cannabis security guards, so much so that all of our guards are CannSell certified, as well as having their security guard license—that’s what sets us apart,” says Moe Yusuf, Scheduling Manager.

Their guards can blend in, too, if that’s what the client wants. “We like to be uniformed similar to the budtenders so that we feel like a cohesive team,” he goes on to say.

Empowering Budtenders

Budtenders’ jobs are to sell cannabis, not police the front door. “Having us at the door saves owners from having to hire another employee, only to have them feel their talent is wasted at the door instead of on the sales floor,” says Lokhat. Typically, sales associates aren’t comfortable dealing with loss prevention or problem customers because it’s not their job. With Prime Protection Security Services, budtenders can do their jobs confidently knowing that they are safe.

The Rules Are Our Job

“We are the filter at the front door keeping the problems out, and verifying the customers to come in,” says Lokhat. “Our job is specifically to follow the rules and our guards enjoy what they do.”

Their guards are well-versed in cannabis regulations to make sure no one enters the store who isn’t supposed to, but they also apply and enforce regulations from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). This gives retailers peace of mind knowing that there is an extra set of eyes making sure a surprise visit from an inspector doesn’t end in closing their doors.

“We are the solution to the problems of cannabis security,” says Zayed Khan, Business Manager. “That’s what we are meant for. We want companies to grow and to grow alongside them.”

To arrange a consultation, call Prime Protection Security Services at (416)550-1801 and mention this Supplier Profile in Cannabis Retailer to receive a bonus HD body cam with a new contract.

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