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Retail Sales Decline Slightly in October

Canadian cannabis retail sales declined 0.79% in October 2022 from $392.26 million in September to $389.15 million in October. Performance varied across with country with Alberta, the Prairies, Quebec and most of the Maritimes showing an increase in sales, while Ontario and British Columbia posted lower sales.


Alberta has seen fluctuating sales this year, but October brought a 2.65% increase in the provincial average. Sales reached an all-time high of $70.52 million from the province’s 762 cannabis retailers. Edmonton and Calgary also boasted increases of 3.4% and 3.5% respectively.


Saskatchewan’s sales were up 3.73% which could be due to four new stores opening in October. Manitoba’s average sales stayed flat despite two new stores opening in that province, but Winnipeg’s sales rose 1.22%.


La Belle Province saw little change in October’s average sales, although Montreal’s sales rose 2.14%. Quebec City and Gatineau didn’t fare as well and posted reductions of 3.25% and 3.19% respectively.


Ontario had 1,677 stores authorized to open at the end of October and new stores are still opening each month. That province’s sales dipped 1.19% to $153.69 million. Toronto and Ottawa’s revenues both dropped by the same amount.

Atlantic Canada

Price Edward Island saw sales increase 3.92% after seeing a large drop in September. New Brunswick’s sales rose 2.22% and Nova Scotia’s grew 2.12%, however, Newfoundland and Labrador saw a slight reduction in revenue.

British Columbia

British Columbia posted the largest provincial decline of 6.73% after strong sales gains in September, which could have been due to people stocking up after the BCGEU strike. Vancouver also had a major decrease of 13.14% to $18.81 million.

October 2022 Retail Sales (x1,000)

Canada $389,151

Newfoundland & Labrador $5,622

Price Edward Island $1,857

Nova Scotia $9,203

New Brunswick $6,958

Quebec $49,760

Montreal $27,276

Quebec City $4,525

Gatineau $1,487

Ontario $153,687

Toronto $49,189

Ottawa $15,367

Manitoba $15,926

Winnipeg $10,254

Saskatchewan $16,140

Alberta $70,522

Calgary $19,950

Edmonton $23,737

British Columbia $57,503

Vancouver $18,808

Yukon $953

Source: Statistics Canada

Image courtesy of SevenPoint Interiors.

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