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Retail Sales Rise in September

Average daily cannabis retail sales across Canada rose 3.34% in September 2022 from an average of $12.58 million per day in August to $13 million per day. September brought in $389.87 million compared to $354.42 million in September 2021 and only $257 million in September 2020.

Western Canada

British Columbia and Alberta saw retail sales rise slightly, but Vancouver had a staggering 10.66% increase as consumers were able to start purchasing products again after the BCGEU strike closed the distribution centres in BC in August and stores ran out of stock.

Alberta, Calgary, and Edmonton all had increases of 2%, despite stores starting to close in the major city centres.


Saskatchewan’s sales were down 3.12% even though 2 new stores opened, and Manitoba’s stayed flat with no new stores opening in that province.

Central Canada

Ontario continues to authorize new store openings and sales increased 1.08% or $1.67 million in September. Toronto, however, reported a 2% decrease in sales while Ottawa’s dropped 8.11%.

Quebec’s numbers decreased as well while that province’s store numbers have remained constant at 90 stores since July.

Atlantic Canada

In the Maritimes, one new store opened in each of New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador, but sales dipped 4.9% and 6.2% respectively. Nova Scotia also reported a decline of 4.5% but PEI had the largest fallout with a 15.3% drop.

September 2022 Retail Sales (x1,000)

Canada $389,869
Newfoundland $5,659
Nova Scotia $9,012
New Brunswick $8,807
Quebec $49,707
   Montreal $26,704
   Quebec City $4,677
   Gatineau $1,536
Ontario $155,542
   Toronto $49,783
   Ottawa $15,553
Manitoba $15,753
   Winnipeg $10,026
Saskatchewan $15,560
Alberta $68,646
   Calgary $19,253
   Edmonton $22,956
British Columbia $59,424
   Vancouver $21,660
Yukon $1,010

Source: Statistics Canada

Image courtesy of SevenPoint Interiors.

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