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Thank Budtenders at B-Week March 21-25

Every day we celebrate new innovations within the cannabis industry: new technology, new brands, new strains, new product formats. But how often do we stop to think about the people who wake up every day and put their best face forward to help match consumers with their perfect products? Tether knows that budtenders across Canada are the backbone of the cannabis industry and it’s time to celebrate them.

B-Week 2022 is coming March 21-25th and Cannabis Retailer is happy to be a media partner! Join us in celebrating the contribution budtenders give to the cannabis space and help to foster their passion for cannabis as well as their professional industry development. Throughout B-Week events, Tether and partner brands are giving back to budtenders and sharing how much we as an industry value them and their role.

Why B-Week?

Hot off the results of the budtender insights survey, we saw the opportunity to blaze a trail for budtenders that gives access to the brands they face every day, as well as their peers, on a grand scale. Budtenders were very vocal about their interest in connecting to and learning from each other, they also want more educational opportunities to feel more supported in their ability to provide customers with the most accurate and helpful information possible.

Admire The Flowers at The B-Week Tour March 21st

Want to know how your favourite strain is grown? Join Tether and our friends BZAM Cannabis for the virtual B-Week Tour. Budtenders and retailers will learn about different BZAM Cannabis products and how they’re grown and get a chance to get all their burning questions answered by the BZAM Cannabis team. Pick up your free ticket here.

Light One Up Across the Nation at The B-Week Sesh March 23rd

Want to join in on a Canada-wide sesh to remember? Join Tether and our sesh partners PAX, Lamplighter, Legend and Chüz on March 23 for the virtual B-Week Sesh. This event is bring your own bud, completely virtual, and will allow Canadian budtenders to meet and connect, plus learn more about our partnering brands. As an added bonus, budtenders have the chance to win awesome prizes from our partners throughout the event. Pick up your free ticket here.

We Get By With a Little Help from Our Friends

Tether is excited and grateful to be partnered with amazing brands including Fuego, Ayurcann, Glow, BZAM Cannabis, PAX, Lamplighter, Legend and Chüz.

Our incredible retailer partners include Docks, Edition, Four20, Prairie Records.

And our valuable budtender resources are O2O, Budtenders Association, Cannabis Retailer & Tastemakers.

We also have an advisory committee of incredible cannabis retail professionals including Director of Lake City Cannabis Ryan Roch, Four20 Chief Merchandising Officer Amber Craig and budtenders Brian, Hez, Sean, and Nicole.

More B-Week Surprises

In addition to the B-Week Tour and B-Week Sesh, 200 lucky budtenders are going to receive a gift in the mail from Ayurcann and their brands. Plus, the Tether team will be dropping into stores throughout the week with treats to celebrate and thank budtenders on the job.

Don’t get FOMO; registration is open now for B-Week March 21-25th. Head over to the Tether website to learn more, plus secure your spot for The B-Week Tour and The B-Week Sesh today.

Budtenders are the face of the cannabis industry. They provide consumers with information and recommendations that build excitement and brand loyalty. Providing friendly faces and wonderful recommendations to consumers at all stages of their cannabis journey, it’s time we thanked them appropriately for all their hard work and dedication. Thank your budtenders, we can’t wait to see you at B-Week!

About Tether

Tether, presented by Marigold PR, is a community that activates budtenders and cannabis retailers. Budtenders are looking for products to recommend to their customers and want to be supported in their role through brand connection and education. Tether brings budtenders, retailers, and brands together to spark those meaningful relationships and create engaging opportunities for budtenders to network, learn and have a great time.

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