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Budtender Unity Marguerite Whittaker

There’s a chance you know someone who values finding the beauty in life. Interestingly enough, this person might be behind the counter at your local cannabis shop. Unity Marguerite Whittaker is a prime example of someone who aligns her personal values with her professional role.

Located in Parksville, BC, a charming beachside town teeming with seniors, Oceanside CWeed is Parksville’s first cannabis retail store. Whittaker found her calling in the cannabis industry back in 2016, eventually becoming the Director of Business Operations at CWeed. Taking the reins from the original owners, Whittaker steered the shop in a new direction, evolving it into a tailor-made boutique that caters specifically to the senior community.

Reframing Cannabis for a Low-Key, Beachy Crowd

Parksville has the highest concentration of seniors among all cities in Canada. Recognizing this, CWeed offers a diverse range of senior-friendly products, including CBD, capsules, topicals, and oils, carefully curated to provide a pleasant and comfortable experience for its clientele.

“It’s truly heartwarming to see seniors returning on a monthly basis, finding relief from their health symptoms through the use of cannabis products. Each visit brings bigger smiles, friendlier conversations, and a genuine sense of joy as they express how much better they feel. It’s a privilege to be a part of their transformative journey.”

CWeed organizes a monthly event called “Merriametrics Monthly.

To further support and engage the community, CWeed organizes a monthly event called “Merriametrics Monthly,” where they offer coffee and exclusive discounts to people aged 65 and older. These gatherings not only foster a sense of community but also serve as opportunities for seniors to stay informed, empowering them to make well-informed purchasing decisions.
“It can take time for someone to find their dosage, so we do our best to be consistent with the products we carry in these categories since many people depend on these to support them in navigating their day with greater ease and joy.”

Making an Impact

Whittaker’s current career aspirations revolve around fostering a strong sense of community around her shop. “I love being able to support our local island farmers and know that we’re selling products that were grown just down the road. I take pride in curating a menu that caters to the experiences sought by tourists visiting Parksville.”

To actively contribute to her community-building vision, CWeed sends out weekly emails. These emails serve as a platform to update recipients on local events, provide educational content, and showcase and promote other local businesses.

Whittaker actively participates on the board of the Parksville Downtown Business Association.

In addition to her role at CWeed, Whittaker actively participates on the board of the Parksville Downtown Business Association, where her primary focus lies in marketing. To further her understanding of the local business landscape and strengthen connections, she plans to personally visit other establishments to meet the owners and delve into their motivations and profound love for Parksville.

Smashing the Stigma

Throughout her journey in the cannabis industry, Whittaker has remained steadfast in her commitment to create inclusive experiences that resonate with women, promoting diversity within the field, and tirelessly advocating to break down stigmas and normalize cannabis consumption.

“I understand this is a long game, perhaps even a generational shift. We’re the early adopters, and by working together, we can achieve this.”

Budtenders build authentic connections with the community.

Listening to Budtenders

Budtenders serve as the vital link between consumers and the world of cannabis. It is crucial for licensed producers to engage, actively listen, and equip budtenders with the tools to support their success. After all, it’s budtenders that build authentic connections with the community.

We need more people like Unity in the cannabis industry. Follow her on Twitter at @unitymarguerite and on Instagram at @cweedoceanside.

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