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Canadian Sales Slightly Up in June

Canadian cannabis sales continue to remain relatively stable in June, with sales up 2.63% from the prior month to $426.63 million. Sales are up 12.88% from June 2022.

Most provinces and major cities saw slight increases in their cannabis sales in June with some notable exceptions. Sales in Prince Edward Island were up 65.80% from the previous month to $1.98 million, after dropping 36% in May. After little change in May, sales in Ottawa were up 21.97% from the previous month to $17.83 million.


The Prairies saw minimal sales increases in June. Sales were up 1.21% in Alberta from the prior month to $75.17 million while Calgary sales were up 1.09% and Edmonton saw essentially no change. Sales were up 1.86% in Saskatchewan from the prior month to $19.55 million, while Manitoba saw an increase of 2.30% to $16.43 million.

In August, Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) launched an industry consultation on the possibility of allowing white label cannabis products in the province.

Permitted in some other provinces, including Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario, white label products can provide a way for brands that don’t have their own manufacturing facilities to get their products onto the shelves in a faster and cost-effective way. But smaller, independent retailers doubt the benefits this potential policy change could have for their businesses.


Ontario sales saw an increase of 3.30% from the prior month to $167.83 million. This province consistently has the highest cannabis sales in the country. Toronto saw next to no change while Ottawa sales were up almost 22%.

In September, the Ontario Cannabis Store will be changing its price structure, reducing most wholesale markups that OCS puts on cannabis products it sells to retailers, lowering its profit margins. This change comes after the OCS has come under fire in the past for its ‘outrageous’ profits.


After sales declined in April and rebounded in May, Quebec saw minimal change in June with sales up 1.59% to $53.37 million. Montreal saw little change while sales were up 2.76% in the city of Quebec to $4.77 million and down 2.40% in Gatineau to $1.26 million.

According to the 2023 Global Cannabis Price Index, Montreal has the cheapest cannabis price in the world, while Toronto has the seventh highest consumption.

British Columbia

Similar to the other provinces, sales were up 1.71% in B.C. from the prior month to $65.99 million. After a significant drop in May, sales in Vancouver remained relatively stable in June.

The Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch is reviewing a number of existing policies in the province, including sampling rules, the 8-store cap, and patio consumption.


The Maritime provinces saw the biggest sales increases out of the Canadian provinces in June. Sales were up 6.60% in New Brunswick to $7.57 million, 6.03% in Newfoundland and Labrador to $6.63 million, and up 2.42% in Nova Scotia to $9.81 million.

Provincial Sales (x1,000)

Canada: $426,629 (2.63%)

Newfoundland: $6,634 (6.03%)

Prince Edward Island: $1,983 (65.80%)

Nova Scotia: $9,814 (2.42%)

New Brunswick: $7,572 (6.60%)

Quebec: $53,368 (1.59%)

Montreal: $28,989 (0.36%)

Quebec City: $4,774 (2.76%)

Gatineau: $1,260 (-2.40%)

Ontario: $167,832 (3.30%)

Toronto: $53,708 (0.14%)

Ottawa: $17,832 (21.97%)

Manitoba: $16,429 (2.30%)

Winnipeg: $9,950 (1.32%)

Saskatchewan: $19,547 (1.86%)

Alberta: $75,167 (1.21%)

Calgary: $21,138 (1.09%)

Edmonton: $24,944 (0.01%)

British Columbia: $65,991 (1.71%)

Vancouver: $21,543 (-0.06%)

Yukon: $1,099 (10.34%)

Source: Statistics Canada

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