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Cannabis Sales Down 5% in September

Retail cannabis sales in Canada dropped 4.9% in September to $444 million, down from a high of $466.99 million in the prior month. After a post-Christmas dip in January, sales have been steadily increasing since February.

All provinces saw a drop in sales in September with the exception of Nova Scotia. Prince Edward Island saw the most significant drop at 12.21% followed by New Brunswick at 9.38%.


Alberta sales were down 2.72% to $76.46 million, while sales in Calgary were down 3.49%, and sales in Edmonton decreased 1.49%. Provincial sales increased 11.29% from the same period last year; Edmonton and Calgary saw similar year-over-year increases at 11.83% and 9.75%, respectively.

Manitoba sales were down 4.58% from the previous month to $16.57 million, while sales in Winnipeg were down 4.60%. Besides Gatineau, Winnipeg is the only other city that has seen a drop in sales from the same period last year—down 2.15%.

Elsewhere in the Prairies, sales dropped 4.63% in Saskatchewan in September to $19.55 million but year-over-year sales have increased 25.64%.


Sales in Ontario, Toronto, and Ottawa decreased across the board in September by 6.89%. Year-over-year sales for Ontario have increased 12.80%, while Toronto sales have increased 16.32% and Ottawa a mere 1.52%.

A recent report released by the Ontario Provincial Police looked at the impact of cannabis legalization on crime. While the legal market continues to grow, the OPP has seen a number of large-scale illegal cannabis production sites, many of which have elements of human trafficking and forced labour.

Police have also seized $430 million worth of illicit cannabis products over the last five years and millions of dollars worth of other illicit drugs, firearms, and prohibited weapons.


Sales in Quebec, Montreal, and Quebec City were all down by 4.60% in September, while sales in Gatineau dropped by 4.62%.

Provincial sales have increased 7.31% from the same period last year; sales in Montreal and Quebec have increased 7.74% and 1.13% respectively year-over-year, while Gatineau saw the largest drop in the country at 18.10%.

Earlier in November, the 18-month strike impacting 26 Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) stores officially ended. New results from the Quebec Cannabis Survey also showed a drop in cannabis usage in the province in 2023.

British Columbia

Sales in BC were down 2.68% in September to $72.72 million, while sales in Vancouver dropped 1.40%. Provincial sales have increased 17.95% from the same period last year while year-over-year sales in Vancouver increased 5.25%.

The price of cannabis continues to drop in BC according to a recent BC Cannabis Wholesale Quarterly Sales Report. Data also showed the increasing popularity of inhalable extracts as sales overtook flower sales.


Sales in Prince Edward Island declined 12.21% in September to $2.04 million, whereas the other Maritime provinces saw smaller drops. Sales in New Brunswick decreased 9.38% to $7.73 million, and were down 4.47% in Newfoundland to $7.22 million.

Nova Scotia was the only province to have an increase in sales in September—up 1.50% to $10.78 million. In November, the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation released its second quarter financial results reporting sales up almost 10% and a 0.6% increase in earnings.

Each of these provinces has seen an increase in sales year-over-year with Newfoundland leading the way at 27.57% followed by Nova Scotia at 19.58%, Prince Edward Island at 13.88%, and New Brunswick at 13.59%.

Provincial Sales (x1,000)

Canada: $444,003 (-4.92%)

Newfoundland: $7,219 (-4.47%)

Prince Edward Island: $2,035 (-12.21%)

Nova Scotia: $10,777 (1.50%)

New Brunswick: $7,732 (-9.38%)

Quebec: $53,339 (-4.60%)

Montreal: $28,770 (-4.60%)

Quebec City: $4,730 (-4.60%)

Gatineau: $1,258 (-4.62%)

Ontario: $175,454 (-6.89%)

Toronto: $57,909 (-6.89%)

Ottawa: $15,790 (-6.89%)

Manitoba: $16,572 (-4.61%)

Winnipeg: $9,912 (-4.60%)

Saskatchewan: $19,550 (-4.63%)

Alberta: $76,459 (-2.72%)

Calgary: $21,145 (-3.49%)

Edmonton: $25,672 (-1.49%)

British Columbia: $72,719 (-2.68%)

Vancouver: $22,789 (-1.40%)

Yukon: $1,175 (-6.45%)

Source: Statistics Canada

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