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High Quadz Wins Arcannabis Cup

128 licensed flower producers went through a 60-day tournament to award the Arcannabis Cup 2023 Champion to High Quadz, on April 22 at the BC Cannabis Summit. The 2023 Arcannabis Cup was presented by Arcannabis Store & Arc media.

Aaron Sinnathamby, CEO of AR Cannabis, says, “We organized this tournament with the goal of bringing together the cannabis community to celebrate. Despite the challenges of managing work, changing regulations, and staying afloat, it remains crucial to collaborate and build relationships within our community. The event provides an excellent opportunity for dispensaries, producers, consumers, and spectators to gather and participate in a memorable occasion each year.”

High Quadz Wins

High QuadzHigh Quadz was created by Highmark Brands, which was started in February 2022 by a small group of industry friends with years of cannabis business-related experience drawing from both the medical access and recreational market. Highmark Brands’ goal was to start a premium craft flower brand that they believed would offer a better consumer experience. Mark May, president/CEO, says, “Seeing the opportunity to enter the market with a consumer centric brand, and the advent of the newly established direct delivery distribution model in BC, we decided to incorporate and move forward with our goal. We set out to find and bring to market the High Quadz flower brand, meeting with and procuring the best micro-grown premium cannabis flower BC had to offer.”

High Quadz entered the market in September 2022, at the same time that the BC Liquor Distribution Branch went on strike. Being able to deliver products via direct delivery gave them a great opportunity to establish a new brand.

High Quadz is a white label product and is not tied to any one particular grow facility. May says, “That gives us the opportunity to seek out unique cultivars that we, as premium cannabis consumers, know is what the market is looking for and will keep them coming back for more. Our goal is to work with the best BC micro growers and let them do what they do best, grow amazing cannabis and we’ll do the rest.

“Our goal is to put the best product we can find into our jars that meet our exacting standards and hit it out of the park every time.  We’ve listened for a long time and the consumers responded back by giving us the honour of being the top choice brand in BC.”

We’ll look forward to seeing what other products High Quadz brings out in the future.

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