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Home Growing Regs Differ Across Canada

In the Canadian cannabis realm, growing cannabis from home can be a viable and affordable option for cannabis consumers and enthusiasts alike. Some may want to save a little money, test their green thumb, or quell curiosity, but when cultivating cannabis there are a few things to consider.

Regulations around homegrown cannabis are subject to provincial, territorial, and municipal restrictions in Canada. However, some legislation is certain for all home growers. You must be of legal age and grow at most four cannabis plants per household (not per person). You can share up to 30 grams at most with others of legal age, and you are prohibited from selling your cannabis unless licensed to do so by Health Canada. While provinces and territories still have their own minimum age restrictions, sharing cannabis with anyone under that legal age is prohibited.

Still, when it comes to growing cannabis from home, consumers need to be aware of provincial and local legislation.

Consumers need to be aware of provincial and local legislation.

British Columbia

In British Columbia, cannabis plants can be grown on your balcony, or in your yard, as long as they are not visible from a public place, like parks, streets, sidewalks, sports fields, and school properties. Homes used for licensed childcare are prohibited from growing cannabis. Landlords and even corporations can prohibit non-medical cannabis cultivation on their properties. Not to mention, local and Indigenous governments can restrict growing cannabis at home under existing or newly established bylaws.

Nova Scotia

Similarly, Nova Scotia allows municipalities to pass additional bylaws that further restrict homegrown cultivation, while also stipulating that each apartment in a house or building is considered a separate household for home growers.

Alberta & NWT

In Alberta, cannabis seeds must be purchased from licensed cannabis retailers. Renters, condo-dwellers, and those who live in multi-family dwellings may not be allowed to grow cannabis in their homes based on rental agreements or condominium bylaws.

The same applies for The Northwest Territories, however, home growers aren’t restricted to the indoors. Cannabis plants can be grown in a yard on private property.

PEI & Saskatchewan

In PEI, if you’re renting, you need written permission from your property owner before growing cannabis. If you’re a condo owner, it would be smart to reference condo bylaws. Similarly, in Saskatchewan, if you are renting, you may face some restrictions depending on where you live.

Ontario & The Yukon

In Ontario, home growing is only for personal use, and seeds or plant materials must be purchased from the Ontario Cannabis Store or an authorized retail store. The same applies for the Yukon, but home growing must be at your private residence or adjoining property.

New Brunswick

Meanwhile, New Brunswick’s stipulations are more based around security measures than anything else. While plants and seedlings need to be purchased from Cannabis New Brunswick, and grown on your own property for personal use, when growing indoors, plants must be in a separate, locked space. When grown outdoors, they must be located behind a locked enclosure that is at least 1.52 metres high.

Home growing is only as good as the province you live in.


Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy for all provinces. In Manitoba, growing non-medical cannabis at home is prohibited altogether. While the federal government has introduced a partial prohibition by placing restrictions on home cultivation, the provincial government has the authority to set restrictive conditions on home growth.

Quebec, Nunavut, and Manitoba prohibit the cultivation of non-medical cannabis in the home, with an approach in support of public health and safety considerations.

In the Canadian cannabis space, local governments are empowered to manage land use. Authority is given to provinces and territories to delegate on and deliberate about the retail models they choose to adopt. It is within each municipality’s jurisdiction to decide the development of regulatory response around homegrown cannabis and yet it should not be without extensive public consultation. Home growing is only as good as the province you live in.

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