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Montreal Cheapest Cannabis in the World

Montreal has the cheapest cannabis price in the world while Toronto has the seventh highest consumption, according to a new global study.

The Centre for Advancing Health (CFAH) released its 2023 Global Cannabis Price Index. It collected data on cannabis prices from 140 cities worldwide and ranked them from least costly to most expensive for both legal and illicit cannabis.


CFAH examined the top and bottom cannabis-consuming nations to choose the study cities. Then, they looked at countries where cannabis is partially or fully legal, as well as those where it is not, and chose the final list of 140 cities to give the best comparison of the global price of cannabis.

The price per gram in USD was based on crowdsourced city-level polls and adjusted to the PriceOfWeed dashboard and UNODC World Drug Report 2022. Cannabis consumption figures were collected from the World Health Organization for countries around the world.

Key Findings

Tokyo has the most expensive cannabis at $33.8 USD per gram while five Canadian cities were among the top 10 least expensive cities for cannabis.

Top 10 Least Expensive Cities for Cannabis

# Country City Legality Price Per Gram USD
1 Canada Montreal Legal $5.9
2 India Bangalore Illegal $6.0
3 Canada Notre Dame Legal $6.2
4 Afghanistan Kabul Illegal $6.3
5 Canada Vancouver Legal $6.3
6 Canada Charlottetown Legal $6.4
7 Brazil Sao Paulo Illegal $6.6
8 Spain Madrid Illegal $6.8
9 United States Portland Legal $7.0
10 Canada Annapolis Legal $7.1

Consumption Rates

New York is the world’s largest cannabis-consuming city, with 62.3 metrics tons per year. Four Canadian cities were among the top 20 cities in terms of annual cannabis consumption: Toronto, Ontario at #7 with 16.7 metric tons per year, Montreal, Quebec at #13 with 11.0 metric tons, Vancouver, British Columbia at #16 with 7.9 metric tons, and Annapolis, Nova Scotia at #20 with 6.8 metric tons per year.

Countries with strong cannabis consumption rates are 30% more likely to have low gram prices.

The study found that legalizing cannabis is more likely to cause a price decline in the market, with prices falling by 11.13% on average. It says the price of cannabis per gram in the United States might fall to $5.61 in 2030.

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