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Ontario Doesn’t Want Consumption Lounges

Earlier this month, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce called on the provincial government to allow cannabis consumption lounges in Ontario.

Premier Doug Ford responded to this recommendation in a press conference on March 21, 2023, after a reporter asked if government is considering it.

By the sounds of it, they’re not. Ford suggested allowing cannabis consumption lounges could expand to other things like cigar lounge, something he doesn’t look upon positively. He also doesn’t like the idea of having a lounge outside, people smoking cannabis outside, and kids walking by and smelling or seeing it.

With respect to the number of stores in the province, Ford believes the market is going to dictate the number of cannabis stores – not government. The example he gave was you can’t have three convenience stores side by side. Eventually there is going to be one store left and that is what we’re starting to see in the cannabis industry.

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