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Store Location, Support Influence Buying

In a recent survey of over 9,000 Canadians commissioned by Cannabis Retailer, 23% of men surveyed have purchased cannabis products in the past three months, whereas only 16% of women made a purchase.

Age also matters when it comes to buying cannabis:
Gen Z                   28%
Millennials          25%
Gen X                   18%
Baby Boomers   13%

Store Location

The location of a store is a very important factor in a person’s decision to shop there with 46.1% of respondents citing it as very important and 34.2% noting it is somewhat important. This highlights how critical it is to do your research before you select a store location to ensure it’s a convenient location.

Offering Customer Support

Budtenders are a much-needed service to provide customers with the support they need to find the right products for their needs. You can differentiate your store from the competition by having the highest level of service possible and making it easy for people to interact with your staff. 46.6% replied that customer support is very important in their decision to shop in a specific store and 32.3% say it’s somewhat important.

Recommendations made by budtenders greatly influence 75% of patrons’ decision to make a purchase.

There are generational differences when it comes to this factor. The youngest and oldest generations value customer support the most with 55.8% of Gen Z and 52.7% of people born before 1945 citing it as very important.

Motivations to Use Cannabis

When asked which their primary motivation is for using cannabis, here’s what we found:

Source: Caddle

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