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Alberta Cannabis Policy Changes

Alberta retailers can now sell cannabis at adult-only events and sell to other licensed cannabis retailers. On January 31, 2024, the Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis announced changes effective immediately to the Retail Cannabis Store Handbook and the Cannabis Representative Handbook.

Physical Security

Cannabis products may now remain in a locked showcase in the customer area after store operating hours. After operating hours, all cannabis must either be stored in a locked showcase in the customer area or in a locked storage room accessible only by authorized staff.

Previously, cannabis products had to be moved into a secured storage room at the close of every business day.

Destruction of Cannabis Products

AGLC policy now aligns with the Cannabis Waste Management Fact Sheet 2023 and policy has been amended to provide proper handling and disposal procedures for cannabis waste.

Temporary Retail Sales at Events

Licensed cannabis retailers may now apply to AGLC for a license extension for the purposes of selling cannabis at a minors-prohibited entertainment event or cannabis industry trade show. If approved, the retail cannabis store extension will be considered part of the licensed premises.

Product Transfers

Cannabis sales between licensed cannabis retailers, regardless of ownership structure, is now permitted. In addition, the 120-day wait time between cannabis transfers has been removed to allow unlimited transfers of cannabis products between licensees owned by the same legal entity.

Cannabis Samples

AGLC amended the size of cannabis samples and the number of samples that may be provided. If a sample product is not available in the 3.5 gram size, the smallest available size of the product may be provided as a sample. In addition, each product may be sampled a maximum of twice per calendar year.

Since March 2023, licensed producers have been allowed to give cannabis samples to retailers in Alberta.

Reducing Red Tape

Since last year, AGLC has made a number of policy changes in an effort to reduce red tape for retailers. Other policy changes in 2023 include:

  • Removing restrictions for retail cannabis store signage to allow for more flexibility in store names
  • Simplifying the steps required for age verification for online licensed cannabis websites
  • Reducing listing fees for licensed producers by 83% and shipping fees for retailers by 11%
  • Providing cannabis retailers with the option to open for business at 9:00 am
  • Authorizing licensed producers to give cannabis samples to retail cannabis store licensees to promote products and increase knowledge
  • Enabling AGLC to supply sales data free of charge
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