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Creston is Home to Another BC Store

The managers of Jimmy’s Pub, a popular downtown Creston landmark, have applied for the licence and have recently secured tentative provincial approval for a cannabis retail store in Creston.

Jimmy’s is currently managed by the Karountzos siblings. Mimika and Chris have been partners for the past 10 years after taking over the business from their parents. Several years ago, the Karountzos lost a sibling in a tragic accident. Through this experience, they were inspired to establish a not-for-profit organization to honour the memory of their sister Maria, herself an advocate and proponent of the benefits of cannabis. An avid gardener, Maria’s passions are reflected in the unique logo that represents the FlowerPot Foundation.

The mandate of the FlowerPot Foundation is to provide bursaries to students looking to pursue a career in horticulture, a cause to which the organization has donated over $7000.00 since its 2016 inception. With the Creston campus of The College of the Rockies now offering cannabis programming, the hope is to further the career of local young adults looking to establish themselves in this emerging new industry.

The new store will provide an education-based customer service model, providing literature for patrons to review before they select the appropriate product(s). The focus will be to ensure safe and responsible use. The cannabis experience clients are looking for will be maximized through one-on-one service provided by knowledgeable staff; product recommendations will be specific and unique based on each client’s previous cannabis experience, and aroma stations will be available to assist clients in making their choices on strain varieties. It is said that everyone has an instinctive affinity for certain aromas, and the partners feel this is a great starting point for every client to begin their cannabis journey.

Jimmy’s has extensive experience in the hospitality and customer service industry, and is well acquainted with the retail liquor distribution model in BC. This will be a good fit, as the government has chosen this model as the template for recreational cannabis distribution in our province. The Karountzos siblings are working hard to engage stakeholders in the community, ensuring that a variety of voices are heard regarding the management of Cannabis in the Creston Valley. This is an exciting step forward both for Creston and for the Karountzos family.

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