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Draft Edibles Regulations Released

The long-awaited proposed rules for cannabis edibles have been released. Health Canada has launched a two-month public consultation period to discuss their proposed rules regarding the sale, branding, and consumption of edibles and topicals.

Like most cannabis-related initiatives executed by the government, their goal is centred around providing clean, healthy cannabis products to Canadians while phasing out the black market. This requires a delicate balance of regulating the safety and efficacy of legally produced cannabis products, while offering enough variety where consumers will not turn to illegal sources.

One of the key takeaways that Licensed Producers need to be aware of, are the suggested limits to the amount of THC by way of individual packages or servings. Each package can contain no more than 10 mg of THC, which is considered a moderate dose. Edibles must also be “shelf stable”, not need freezing or refrigeration, and must have a best before date.

Regarding other drugs as additives, a mix of cannabis and alcohol will not be permitted except for tinctures, which are only meant to be consumed a few drops at a time. Naturally occurring caffeine in products such as chocolate, tea or coffee are permitted, but adding extra caffeine is not allowed.

For infused meat, poultry and fish, only dried products are allowed, such as beef jerky, and it must be dried by an authorized company under provincial law.

The public is allowed to submit input on the proposed rules until February 20. Ebibles and topicals are expected to be legalized by October 17th, as per Justin Trudeau’s promise to Canadians. Both LPs and retailers are anxiously awaiting these new products as they’ve been exceedingly popular in the US.