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What are Canadians Paying for Cannabis?

Statistics Canada went to Canadians to ask how much they’re paying for cannabis. This data was crowdsourced from 17,139 reports that were voluntarily submitted online from January 25 to February 28, 2018.

The data disclosed that the national average price for a gram of cannabis was $6.82.

Following is the range of average prices paid across Canada:
Quebec        $5.89
BC                 $6.93
Atlantic        $7.04
Prairies        $7.25
Ontario        $7.38
Territories   $9.35

Breaking the data down by city, Torontonians pay the most at $7.94 a gram, whereas Vancouverites pay $7.62, Calgarians pay $7.09, and Montrealers get a bargain at $6.24.

Approximately two-thirds of the respondents reported using cannabis for non-medical purposes. Of those consuming cannabis for medical purposes 26% didn’t have a document.