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Health Canada Releases Q3 Cannabis Data

Health Canada has released its Q3 cannabis data for October to December 2018 showing increases in both dried cannabis and oil in the non-medical market.

Highlights from Q3:

–  On December 31, 2018, there were 143 license holders (cultivators, processors, and sellers) – more than 3 times as many as on May 26, 2017 when Health Canada announced improvements to its licensing activities.

–  15,694 kg of dried cannabis and 6,536 litres of cannabis oil for non-medical purposes were sold in Canada between legalization day on October 17 and December 31, 2018. Read more about provincial breakdowns here.

–  Dried medical cannabis sales declined slightly, going from 1,898 kg in October to 1,795 kg in December. Dried non-medical cannabis sales increased from 4,518 kg in October to 5,590 kg in December. Similar trends can be seen in medical and non-medical cannabis oil sales.

–  The total inventory of dried cannabis held by cultivators, processors, distributors, and retailers stood at 129,375 kg at the end of December. Cannabis oil inventories totalled 68,742 litres.

–  Despite this total inventory, in December 2018, there was 110,729 kg in unfinished dried cannabis inventory – compared to 8,739 kg in finished federal license inventory and 9,907 kg in finished provincial inventory. By unfinished, Health Canada implies that the cannabis is held in stock by a cultivator or processor, but it is not packaged, labelled, and ready for sale.

Find the full data report here. Data is collected for medical and non-medical sales in the country, covers all provinces, and includes dried cannabis and cannabis oil, plants, and seeds.

In response to public interest, Health Canada has also released a Cannabis Demand and Supply initial report.