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Indicative Collection Opens in Red Deer

CanadaBis, a vertically integrated cannabis company opened INDICAtive Collection, which is the company’s first retail location situated in Red Deer’s Gasoline Alley. It opened on October 5th, and showcased a brand offering unique, upscale products within a polished and professional atmosphere.

This flagship store, the first of several proposed for strategic locations across Alberta, is advantageously located next door to a cannabis head shop and lifestyle products store; uniquely positioned to offer a convenient one-stop cannabis shopping experience to both local and visiting cannabis enthusiasts.

“The momentum we’ve seen over the past few months has positioned our company for the type of growth and influence we’ve always envisioned,” says Travis McIntyre, CEO of CanadaBis. “We are very excited to have our first retail location open just a short drive down the road from Stigma Grow, our 66,000-sq. ft. craft cannabis cultivation facility, and look forward to the chance to continue to serve the emerging cannabis industry via our four business pillars: cultivation, processing, lifestyle, and retail.”

Red Deer currently has five cannabis retail stores open, and McIntyre is confident about the future success of their store. “We’ve spent the last year and a half evaluating opportunities to enter the retail market and believe there is still significant opportunity to operate stores that are aware of, and willing to address, the common complaints and shortcomings that plague our existing cannabis retail providers. When it comes to quality and in-demand inventory, we believe our offering will be truly indicative of the evolving times, tastes, and laws that guide our customers’ need for a store that ‘gets’ them, and caters to what they value.”

In addition to providing Albertans with the service and convenience they seek, CanadaBis looks forward to the opportunity to continue to work with as many Alberta-based companies as possible, as they remain Alberta-owned and operated, and see value in staying true to that brand position.

With INDICAtive Collection open for business, the next milestone for CanadaBis’ team will be accepting their newly amended LP sales license, and beginning to sell dry flower, cannabis oils, and concentrates to the AGLC as early as December 2019.

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